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PF-Series Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What generation Glock products are the PF940v2™ & PF940C™ compatible with?

A:The PF940v2™ is compatible with components for Gen 3 3-pin: 9mm G17, 34, 17L; .40S&W G22, 35, 24; and .357Sig G31. The PF940C™ is compatible with components for Gen3 30-ping 9mm G19 & .40 S&W G23.


Q: What material is used for the slide rails?

A: The front locking block rail system (LBRS™) and rear rail module (RRM™) are both constructed with treated and coated stainless steel.  The original PF940 utilized polymer rear rails.


Q: Is this product ATF approved?
A: Yes. We have received a determination letter deeming the PF940 in the unfinished stage as NOT A FIREARM by the ATF. You can download it HERE


Q: What is the warranty on the PF940v2™ & PF940C™ 80% Polymer Pistol Frame? 

A: Polymer80 offers a Lifetime Warranty against any manufacturer's defect. If you have a warranty or service question, please call our support department 800-517-1243 ext. 2001. 


Q: Do you have milling instructions and video for these products?

A: Yes, please visit our How-To page.


Q: How difficult are the pistol frames to complete and do I need a drill press? 

A: The difficulty level is low to medium, but it will require some mechanical aptitude. Like our G150 and .308 lower receivers, a drill press and cross vice are highly recommended.  


Q: Since the grip angle is similar to a 1911, is the pistol frame compatible with 1911 mags?

A: The magwell is engineered to accept OEM or AFTER-MARKET GLOCK MAGAZINES ONLY. 1911 mags are not compatible.


Q: Where can I find completion parts for the Pistol Frame?

A: You can find components such as trigger kits, slides, barrels, magazines, and holsters by visiting our Pistol Accessories Page


Q: Are the pistol frames compatible with my Glock Holster?

A: The current Glock holsters are not compatible with our 80% Polymer Pistol Frames.  For a list of PF940v2™ & PF940C™ holster manufacturers visit our Holster Page


Q: Can I modify my original PF940v1 to accept a PF940v2™ Rear Slide Rail Module (RRM™)? Can I modify my pistol frame to accept Generation 4 slide & slide parts?

A: We do not advise altering the product in any way.  Doing so would severly impair the structural integrity of the frame and will not be covered under warranty.


Q: Will you be offering Glock 21/20 & Glock 26/27 compatible frames?

A: Our engineering team is always working on new and exciting products.  While we can't reveal much, you should expect to see more pistol variants as well as designed and branded accessories.


Q: What is the life expectancy of my 80% Polymer Pistol Frame? How many rounds should I expect to shoot with this frame?

A: The life expectancy is the same as any comparable polymer frame and depends on how well you maintain the product and how much you use it.  We currently have run 10,000 rounds through our test frames with no issues. 


Q: How do I sign up to become a Polymer80 dealer?

A: We are currently looking for retailers and gun show dealers willing to sell this product! Please contact David W. Borges our Lead Sales Associate (707) 416-8847 or


Q: Do you sell this product internationally?

A: We are unable to ship individual frames internationally.  We are currently looking for dealers in Canada, Europe, & Asia that are interested in carrying our products.  For inquiries please email