To all our customers and retailers. 

In May of 2019, the Anti-Second Amendment Washington State legislature approved a House Bill 1739 that severely hinders Washington residents from exercising their federally protected rights to build firearms. Our efforts to support Washington residents has since then been hindered, with threat of serious penalties, as defined by HB 1739. The threatened penalties in this new law are severe, and they threaten Polymer80 employees and management staff who intend to run an internationally recognized business. After careful consideration and consultation with our local attorneys, and Washington firearms attorneys, we are being faced with the decision to stop shipping 80% Pistol Frame Kits and 80% AR Receivers kits into the state, or risk everything. Important to note, All other sales of components are permissible, and available, but at this point we have decided to halt web sales of 80% products from into the State of Washington, and we’re advising our dealers to do the same


We’re saddened that the WA legislature has done absolutely nothing to research home built firearms, a practice that is federally protected, and is part of our American heritage, and also supports the entrepreneurism, ingenuity and creativity of multiple generations since the inception of our great country.  If not for folks building, experimenting and advancing firearms, who then controls the creative process? The Washington legislature only panders for votes to a select group of people who are just as clueless about the meaning of the 2nd Amendment, and why it must exist. The beleif  in “Gun Violence” as opposed to the real problem of Human Violence is seriously misguided, purposeful blindness. It ignores very seriously ill individuals, who in some cases could be saved and helped if folks would focus on the right problem. Instead, these simpletons only seek one result which is to criminalize lawful Gun Owners and 2nd Amendment proponents in their state because they fear what they don’t understand.


All that being said:  we are not giving up on Washington. We intend to continue sales of our Pistol and Rifle Accessories such as slides, barrels, and magazines into WA as those items do not fall under the enacted regulations. 


Lastly for anyone who loves the look and feel of our pistol frames, you can still purchase the already serialized PFS9 and PFC9 frames from our dealer network.

Thank you all for your continued business, we appreciate  everyone’s support.


The Polymer80 Team