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PF940 80% Pistol Frame Parts Diagram

Parts & Dealer List for completion of the PF940 80% Frame Provided below is a complete list of parts that are needed to finish your own PF940 polymer pistol frame.We have included a list of retailers that offer the necessary parts to finish a G17-based 9mm. Specific parts for builds based on other Glock models can easily be found by navigating these sites and and others.

Upper/Slide Parts List

  • 1.Front Sight
  • 2.Rear Sight
  • 3.Extractor
  • 4.Slide
  • 5.Extractor Depressor
  • 6.Extractor Depressor Spring
  • 7.Spring Loaded Bearing
  • 8.Firing Pin Channel Liner
  • 9.Spring Cups
  • 10.Firing Pin Springs
  • 11.Firing Pin Spacer Sleeve
  • 12.Firing Pin
  • 13.Firing Pin Safety
  • 14.Firing Pin Safety Spring
  • 15.Barrel
  • 16.Recoil Spring/Guide Rod Assembly
  • 17.Slide Cover Plate

Lower Receiver/Frame Parts

  • 18.Trigger w/ Trigger Bar
  • 19.Locking Block/Slide Rail w/ screws (provided by Polymer80)
  • 20.Trigger Mechanism Housing (Shown Assembled)
  • 21.Trigger Spring (Shown Assembled)
  • 22.Connector (Shown Assembled)
  • 23.Slide Stop Lever
  • 24.Magazine Catch
  • 25.Magazine Catch Spring
  • 26.Slide Locking Lever Spring
  • 27.Slide Locking Lever
  • 28.Locking Block Pin
  • 29.Trigger Pin
  • 30.Trigger Mechanism Housing Pin
  • 31.Frame (Polymer80 PF940 80% Polymer Pistol Frame)
  • 32.Polymer80 Finishing Jig


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