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How To

These are the How To Instructions for the Polymer80 jig and lower system. Select the instructions based on the version of the product you own. Please note, that while the videos are very informative, you will need to download the PDF Instructions First, and read them. The videos while informative, do NOT contain the sizing info that is required to properly mill out the lower receiver. We urge you to use the videos as a secondary visual guide after reading the instructions.

G100 Version (original legacy product)

G150 Version (2nd version, solid red core)

G150- Phoenix 1 and 2 Version (solid core black lower, current version):

  • G150- Phoenix Version (all black lower)(PDF): Click Here

308 WarrHogg Version (current version):

NEW! - Tips, Tricks and Techniques

How to Build AR15s: Several links are included here. Choose which one fits your style:



How to Assemble and AR15 - Article

(Click here)

How to Assemble and AR15 - ArmsGuide website Article

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Customer Articles

    • How to use Brownell's Alumihyde to give the lower receiver an aluminum look and feel and to remove the ejection pin marks on the receiver: Click Here